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Le Parc de Lignieres – Booking Conditions

Please read our Booking Conditions carefully, and in advance of making your booking request. Guests making bookings with Parc de Lignieres will be accepting and agreeing to these terms as part of a legally binding contract, and the booking will therefore be subject to the following terms and conditions.


1.1 The website displays an availability calendar as a guideline only. Final availability is only confirmed on receipt of a booking confirmation from Le Parc de Lignieres
1.2 The availability calendar automatically displays a different colour to represent ‘an interest’ in the relevant dates to the property only.
1.3 On receipt of the booking form and deposit/full payment, Le Parc de Lignieres will change the colour to represent a ‘confirmed booking’ and we will issue a final booking confirmation via email or post. See 1.7
1.4 Once a provisional booking has been made, via email or telephone, we (‘Le Parc de Lignieres’) will send an email, with details on where to make the payment and the cost of your holiday See Payment.
1.5 The booking form must be completed by a member of the party, (‘the party leader’), who must be at least 18 years of age. All future correspondence will be with ‘the party leader’.
1.6 When making this booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept on your own behalf and that of the party intending to stay in the property (‘Your Party’) these conditions.
1.7 Once we have received the full deposit, (or full amount depending on departure date See Payment), together with a completed booking form from ‘the party leader’, we will issue a final booking confirmation via email.
1.8 The issue of this confirmation constitutes a contract between Le Parc de Lignieres and you (‘the party leader’), which is governed by English Law.
1.9 No amendments may be made to these conditions or the booking form unless written authorisation and signed by Le Parc de Lignieres.


2.1 If a booking is made within 8 weeks of departure, full payment is required with the completed booking form. The damages deposit and services fee will also be required. See 2.3.
2.2 In all other cases a deposit of €1,000, including any extras as displayed in the confirmation email/letter, is required at the time of booking and the balance of the holiday payment will be due not less than 8 weeks prior to departure.
2.3 In addition to the final holiday payment, a services fee of €300 and damages deposit of €500 per booking is required. These fees are required to be paid 14 working days prior to departure to ensure cleared funds. Notification of cleared funds will be via email. The Damages Deposit will be returned after your holiday, less any costs incurred, including but not limited to accidental damage to the property and any contents, excess electricity/gas usage extraordinary cleaning, picking up cigarette ends, theft and loss/non return of keys.
2.4 Payment for the house is in Euros to the French House account. Payment schedule is outlined in the payment form.
2.5 In the event of full payment not being made by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel any booking. Any deposits will be forfeited and you will be required to pay any cancellation charges in accordance with the cancellations terms. See section 5.


3.1 The prices listed on this website will be confirmed in our confirmation letter. We reserve the right to change prices due to any errors or inaccuracies appearing on our website or brochure.
3.2 If the price is lower than our stated price we will require the lower amount as stated in our final confirmation letter.
3.3 If the price is higher than our stated price we will contact you for instructions as to whether you wish to cancel your booking or accept the higher price.
3.4 Prices will be accepted by you when we receive payment and the signed and completed booking form.

Changes by you

4.1 If, after our confirmation letter has been issued, you wish to change your booking in any way, we will do our utmost to make these changes, but it may not always be possible.
4.2 Any request for changes must be in writing and signed by ‘the party leader’ and will incur a minimum administration fee of £25, in addition to any extra payments that become due.
4.3 Any changes will only come into effect as soon as we have sent a new written confirmation to you (Including email).
4.4 Except for a change of name/deletion of party member or members, any changes you make within 8 weeks of your departure date will be treated as a cancellation (see Cancellations) and the cancellation charges shown in the Cancellation section may apply.


5.1 A cancellation must be in writing, signed by ‘the party leader’ and sent by recorded delivery. This will ensure a guarantee of delivery as cancellation applies only on receipt of written confirmation and a written reply from Le Parc de Lignieres (including email).
5.2 If you cancel after we confirm your booking, you must compensate us for losses, as we incur costs from the moment of your booking. The closer your cancellation to the departure date, the less likely we are to recover the costs by re-selling the holiday at the listed price. Our cancellation charges therefore increase as the chart shows below. 8.1.
5.3 Cancellation Charges
– More than 8 weeks to departure Deposit and costs
– Less than 8 weeks to departure 100% of your holiday
5.4 If we have received the security deposit, it will be returned in full.

If We Change or Cancel your Booking

6.1 It is unlikely that we have to make changes to your booking. However, if we have to make changes, correct errors on the website or brochure, or any other details both before and after bookings have been confirmed, we will do our best to notify you as soon as possible. If a significant change or cancellation has to be made to your booking we will notify you as soon as possible. You may then:
– Accept the changed arrangements. If it is price, then Price terms apply See Prices.
– Cancel your booking, in which we will refund all monies paid by you.

Your Accommodation

7.1 The Property is reserved exclusively for the people named on the final Booking Form (this includes any changes to the party and is based upon our final written confirmation). No other persons are permitted to stay at the property unless this has been agreed with us in writing and appropriate payments have been received and confirmed.
7.2 Should you or any other members of your party be responsible for breakages, loss, damage, excess gas and electricity usage and extraordinary cleaning or theft of any item in the property, including the property and its grounds, a charge will be taken from the breakages deposit (See 2.3). If the costs are greater, Le Parc de Lignieres will invoice you for the costs following your holiday, subject to English Law.
7.3 The property is reserved from 16:00pm on the day of the agreed Arrival date and must be vacated by 10:00am on the agreed Departure date. This allows appropriate time for cleaning and preparation of the property for yourselves on arrival and our last guests on departure.
7.4 Pets may accompany guests only with prior approval from the owners. All evidence of animals must be removed before departure, and are not allowed on furniture.
On signing the booking form you agree to leave the Property in the condition you found it on arrival.
7.5 You will be given a contact number of the person who will attempt to assist you with any queries you have whilst on holiday: Whilst we endeavour to return all calls immediately, we cannot guarantee that these people will be ‘on call’ at all times of the day or week. We ask that you leave a message, if the person is unobtainable and we will return the call as soon as possible.
7.6 It is ‘the party leader’s’ responsibility to read the arrivals book outlining the correct use of the property and its surroundings and relay this information to their respective party members. This includes, but does not limit to, the use of all electrical equipment, the pool, the grounds, water and gas, fire and evacuation, awareness of local wildlife and insects.
7.7 At no time is ‘the party leader’ or any of their party to attempt to fix or touch any items in or around the property that are, or appear, faulty. We accept no liability for any injuries arising from a person ignoring this request See Liability.
7.8 Any faults must be reported to the contact as detailed above See 7.5. We will do our best to rectify any problems, but will accept no liability for any features or facilities that are not available beyond our control. See Liability.
7.9 All children to be supervised at all times.
7.10 The pool cover ensures the pool is safe and must be in place over the pool when adults are not on site and supervising children. The pool area is enclosed with a gated entrance, this gate must be kept closed and bolted.

Special Requests

8.1 If you have any special requests that do not form part of the arrangements described in the website or brochure, please inform us in writing. We will do our best to do so and it will not form part of our contractual obligations.


9.1 It is ‘the party leader’s’ responsibility to ensure they have received directions from the airport to the property and from the property to the airport. This includes both airports. Directions are available from our website as a downloadable form.
9.2 It is ‘the party leader’s’ responsibility to ensure they have received the keys to the property and to return them. Keys will be provided within 7 days prior to departure and we will require confirmation of receipt (email will suffice). Keys are to be returned within 7 days of your agreed return date. Loss of keys will result in costs being applied as per clause 2.3.

Travel Insurance

10.1 ‘The party leader’ and all of their party must have the adequate travel and personal accident insurance. It is advisable for this insurance to be in place at the time the booking is made. We are not responsible for checking the adequacy of such insurance and you should satisfy yourself in this respect.


11.1 At all times during your holiday, you are expected to have consideration for your party and any third parties.
11.2 If in the opinion of the property owner, property representative or any other person in authority you are or appear to be behaving in such a way as to cause, or likely to cause, danger, distress, annoyance or damage to the property, the owner may terminate your stay at the property. In this situation, we will have no further liability to you or your party and will not be responsible for meeting any expenses you incur as a result, making any refund or paying any compensation. In addition, you will be responsible for any expenses we incur as a result of your behaviour, such as flight costs in order to meet and cancel the holiday.


12.1 We accept responsibility that the property is supplied as per the description on the website and brochure. We cannot be held liable for errors or omissions in the website and brochure. The property is subject to aesthetic and facility/content changes. We cannot be held liable for changes which may conflict with the description on our website and brochure.
12.2 ‘The party leader’ is responsible for satisfying yourself that the accommodation is as described at time of booking and will be adequate for yours and your party’s requirements before signing the booking form.
12.3 Certain facilities and features in the property, its grounds and the website may not be available from time to time due to circumstance beyond our control for which we accept no liability.
12.4 The contract exists between Le Parc de Lignieres and the party leader, who is acting on behalf of the whole party and is limited to the property and associated services only.
12.5 The information and descriptions supplied within the website, brochure and these terms and conditions are believed to be accurate and are offered in good faith.
12.6 We do not accept any responsibility or liability for acts of omission of third parties that may prevent or disrupt the party leader and their party’s booking.
12.7 No liability can be accepted by us ‘Le Parc de Lignieres’, for any injury, loss or damage to, ‘the party leader’, any member of their party or any visitor to the property, arising out of or in connection with the property, grounds and pool.
12.8 We cannot be responsible to fulfil our obligations or be liable for circumstances where the contract is affected by ‘force majeure’. In the context of these terms and conditions, ‘force majeure’ is any event that we could not, even with due care, avoid or foresee. These events include, but are not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil commotion or strife, hostilities, industrial dispute, natural disaster, fire, acts of God, terrorist activity, nuclear disaster, adverse weather, natural disaster, government action, technical problems or other events out of our control.


13.1 If you have a complaint whilst on holiday, you must bring this to the attention of the owner of the property and/or the local Le Parc de Lignieres representative as detailed in clause 7.5 IMMEDIATELY so that an investigation may be carried out.
13.2 If this matter is not resolved, ‘the party leader’ must contact us, in writing, within 14 days of the date of the agreed end of the property rental. If the complaint has not been reported as detailed in this clause, we Le Parc de Lignieres cannot accept responsibility or be liable for any claims or complaints.

Statutory rights

These conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. You should contact your local Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau if you need any more information about your statutory rights.